Smokable Hemp Flower

Smokable hemp is rapidly gaining popularity all over the country.  Commodity hemp production was federally legalized under the 2018 United States Farm Bill and since then we have seen the industry explode.  Cannabidiol (CBD) products can be found in diverse market places and people are reporting successful outcomes from various conditions.  At this stage in the game, tincture, gummies, chocolate, and even coffee containing CBD can be found in most neighborhoods across America and it has only been a year since it’s been legal.  One of the fastest growing ways to medicate  with CBD is smoking or dry vaping hemp flower.  Now, I’m not advocating to sit around  and smoke numerous joints of hemp flower every day because of course that takes a toll on your lungs and we’re trying to heal here.  However,  you may be able to trade in your over the counter sleep aids, Benzo prescriptions, and cut back on conventional pain meds for a few tokes of CBD rich hemp flower.  Just like most medicinal herbs and over the counter medications, hemp flower should be used responsibly and not abused.  It is crucial to obtain it from a reliable source that can provide a Certificate Of Analysis (COA) to ensure it is grown organically and doesn’t contain harmful pesticides or mold.  In addition, the COA will show cannabinoid potency which is important when comparing strains and evaluating its efficacy. 

I was lucky enough to begin my hemp flower journey with Baywater Farms.  Because I have been a fan of their non-GMO organic heirloom produce for years now, I had no doubt their hemp would be top-notch as well. Baywater Farms is certified under the Maryland Industrial Hemp Pilot Program and partnered with the University of Maryland’s research department.   About a month ago, I received 2 strains that were harvested late summer, Shore Fire and Grumpy Grandpa.   I looked over the COA and was happy to see CBD at 14% along with other therapeutic cannabinoids, THCV, THCA, CBC, and CBN.  In order for hemp to be legal to distribute under the Farm Bill, it must test under .3 % d9-THC and it did.  As soon as I unpacked the sticky aromatic buds,  I knew I had something special.   In the past I had heard that smoking hemp flower was harsh, so I packed a little Grumpy Grandpa in a glass pipe and inhaled slowly.  I was blown away by the smoothness and taste of this flower and took about 3 more puffs before getting back to work.  I felt very calm, content, and a little hungry.  I felt good!  Not high, just chilled out and grounded.  I also have been using the flower in my homemade topical formulas.  So far, I’ve made a healing salve and pain balm which have both had great reviews. Later this week, I plan on making hemp lotion bars which will be indicated for pain and dry rough skin.  CBD edibles can easily be made using hemp flower by infusing butter or an oil of your choice.  Both Grumpy Grandpa and Shore Fire strains are available at Health Freedom and sold deli style (weighed out per order). 

It is apparent that cannabis sativa, whether bred for Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or for hemp, has vast capabilities.  So far it has shown to be a sustainable source for fiber, food, bioplastics, biofuel, and medicine.   After 81 years of prohibition, it now can be legally obtained and enjoyed in its natural form of hemp flower. 

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